If you are learning English as a second or Other  Languages (ESOL), you may have encountered some pronunciation and American accent learning challenges. You may have wondered how to correctly and naturally produce American English sounds. You may have also felt frustrated or embarrassed by your accent, especially when communicating with native speakers.

Fortunately, there is a technology that can help you overcome these difficulties and drastically improve your American accent. It is called 2D Sound Motion Technology (SMT), and it was developed by Dr. Alex Obskov, a professional linguist and the creator of the American Accent Training Program.

What is 2D Sound Motion Technology?

2D Sound Motion Technology is a technology that uses two-dimensional visual and auditory feedback to help learners master correct pronunciation and fluency in American English. This technology helps learners understand the sound system of American English and how to produce the sounds correctly.

How does 2D Sound Motion Technology work?

2D Sound Motion Technology works by providing you with a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. You can access the technology through the American Accent Program, an online course covering all aspects of American English pronunciation, such as consonants, vowels, stress, intonation, rhythm, and word endings.

2D Sound Motion Technology has two main components: a sound simulator and Dr. Alex’s professional, detailed feedback. The accent training is available only in 1-on-1 sessions: Private Sessions with Dr. Alex & Single Session learning where the student has a problem with one or two sounds.

The sound simulator shows you how to use your organs of speech (such as your tongue, lips, teeth, and jaw) to make each sound of American English. Dr. Alex will analyze your sound and give you feedback in 1-on-1 session to master your American accent, and then you will practice this sound with phonetic exercises and sentence practice to speak this sound habitually like a native speaker. The paragraph practice is a short story that the student must retell to correct some missing elements of a learned sound that Dr. Alex will track and give you feedback on. This educational approach and technique enhance your pronunciation skills almost at a native speaking level.

By using the 2D Sound Motion Technology regularly, you can learn to produce each sound of American English accurately and consistently. You can also improve your fluency and confidence by practicing phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and dialogues using your learned sounds.

How to Pronounce the American Sound R with 2D Sound Motion Technology?

To use 2D Sound Motion Technology to pronounce the American [R] sound, you need to follow these steps:

The advantage of using 2D Sound Motion Technology to pronounce the American [R] sound is that it provides you with a clear and detailed visual representation of how to produce the sound, as well as auditory feedback and correction in 1-on-1 sessions. This can help you overcome a lot of the difficulties that learners often face when trying to pronounce this sound in the shortest possible time, such as:

The disadvantage of using 2D Sound Motion Technology to pronounce the American [R] sound is that it may not be accessible or affordable for everyone, as it requires to take 1-on-1 sessions.  It may also not be suitable for learners who prefer other learning styles, such as kinesthetic or tactile.

An old method of pronouncing the American [R] sound is to use a mirror and a pencil. This method involves following these steps:

The advantage of using this method to pronounce the American [R] sound is that it is simple and inexpensive, as it only requires a mirror and a pencil. It can also help you practice keeping your tongue away from your teeth, which is important for producing this sound.

The disadvantage of using this method to pronounce the American [R] sound is that it does not provide visual or auditory feedback on how to correctly position your tongue, lips, and jaw. It may also cause you to distort other sounds in the word, such as vowels or consonants, by forcing your mouth into an unnatural shape.

What are the benefits of 2D Sound Motion Technology?

2D Sound Motion Technology offers many benefits for learners who want to improve their American accents. Some of these benefits are:

How can you get started with 2D Sound Motion Technology?

If you are interested in using 2D Sound Motion Technology to improve your American accent, you can enroll in the American Accent Program today. The program offers two options: Virtual 1-on-1 classes with Dr. Alex & Single Session Learning. 

The benefits of one-on-one sessions with Dr. Alex Obskov are:

If you want to see some examples of how Dr. Alex Obskov can help you improve your American accent and pronunciation skills, you can watch some of his videos on his website or on his YouTube channel. He also has a blog where he shares tips and insights on various topics related to English pronunciation.

To get started with 2D Sound Motion Technology today, visit the American Accent Program website and sign up for a trial class. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your American accent and speak English with confidence and clarity. Try 2D Sound Motion Technology today and see the difference for yourself!


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American sounds, American consonants

American Consonants sound-by-sound

1. You can understand how to pronounce American consonants correctly using the 2D Sound Simulator;
2. You can practice each sound with “phonetic exercises” (at the beginning, middle, and end of words);
3. You can practice speaking them in “sentence practice” & “paragraph practice.”
Use your consonants confidently!

This chapter consists of 25 American English consonant phonemes: 15 Voiced Sounds & 9 Unvoiced Sounds.

Session 1. American Unvoiced [t] & Voiced [d] Phonemes + Voicing [t̬]
Session 2. American Voiced [r] & Voiced [w] Phonemes
Session 3. American Unvoiced [s] & Voiced [z] Phonemes
Session 4. American Unvoiced [th] & Voiced [t͟h] Phonemes
Session 5. American Unvoiced [ʃ] & Voiced [ʒ] Phonemes
Session 6. American Unvoiced [ʧ] & Voiced [ʤ] Phonemes
Session 7. American Unvoiced [h] Phoneme
Session 8. American Unvoiced [p] & Voiced [b] Phonemes
Session 9. American Unvoiced [f] & Voiced [v] Phonemes
Session 10. American Unvoiced consonant [k] & Voiced consonant [g] Sounds
Session 11. American Lateral Voiced consonant [l] Sound
Session 12. American Voiced consonants [m], [n], & [ŋ] Sonorants
Session 13. Word Endings; ED -ending [t], [d], or [id]



“…I have been working with Dr. Alex Obskov for six and a half months to improve my pronunciation, and I appreciate him for the fantastic job he has done with my accent. I came to the US several years ago, and it was challenging for me to understand people, to speak my mind, and to feel confident in the way I sound. There are eleven sessions that Alex has designed perfectly to target the most important sounds in the American language. I have had a very thick Russian accent, and the manner of speaking was different. Alex has been so patient with me, helping me out to understand the American consonants and vowels, word stress, and intonation patterns. I would say that I often struggle with the feeling of low confidence in my English speaking, but Alex has helped me change my mind completely. Thanks a lot!



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