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My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy as a professor of English as a Second or other Languages is based on a deep belief in encouraging and stimulating the cognitive students’ activities. I create an environment to establish a learner-centered approach that helps students speak English confidently, adapt to a new environment, and succeed in their professional way.

I prepare lesson plans, always considering the interconnection between the students’ knowledge, culture, and learning abilities. Choosing relevant content and activities for my students is always significant and challenging, which helps them leave their “comfort zone,” stimulate creative thinking, and desire to “go the extra mile.“I developed and implemented interactive educational approaches to teaching English as a Second language which are always central to my teaching philosophy to promote reflective thinking and improve students’ communication and intercultural skills.

I always think forward to using innovative technology in the learning environment. It is one of my favorite ways of teaching English and my most extensive interest in life. Learning how to integrate new technology is key to staying relevant and engaging with students and faculty. I use technology daily in the classroom. For example, I am using 2D Sound Motion Technology to teach the pronunciation class. I created this technology to help my students understand the sound system of American English, and master their speaking abilities in everyday life communication. Each sound is represented with a specific 2D posture motion that enhances their critical thinking and helps to understand the difference between the native sound system and an American one.

Not only is it essential to educate students as a one-way “role-play, but” it is also necessary to learn from them. I see the learning process as a two-way “street:” Give each student personal attention and become acquainted with their educational and sometimes personal needs. I also try to ensure that my interaction with students contributes to their sense of confidence. This way, I have found that learning from students is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching while offering students the benefit of my knowledge and experience as my goal as a teacher is to help my students achieve their goals. To do my best I create a motivating and positively-trusted learning environment based on honesty, acceptance, and mutual respect. I am confident in providing the skills and tools necessary for success and fostering each student’s individual talents, giving them the confidence to embrace their dreams and make the reality.

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Alex Obskov., Ph.D.