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American sounds, American consonants

American Consonants sound-by-sound

1. You can understand how to pronounce American consonants correctly using the 2D Sound Simulator;
2. You can practice each sound with “phonetic exercises” (at the beginning, middle, and end of words);
3. You can practice speaking them in “sentence practice” & “paragraph practice.”
Use your consonants confidently!

This chapter consists of 25 American English consonant phonemes: 15 Voiced Sounds & 9 Unvoiced Sounds.

Session 1. American Unvoiced [t] & Voiced [d] Phonemes + Voicing [t̬]
Session 2. American Voiced [r] & Voiced [w] Phonemes
Session 3. American Unvoiced [s] & Voiced [z] Phonemes
Session 4. American Unvoiced [th] & Voiced [t͟h] Phonemes
Session 5. American Unvoiced [ʃ] & Voiced [ʒ] Phonemes
Session 6. American Unvoiced [ʧ] & Voiced [ʤ] Phonemes
Session 7. American Unvoiced [h] Phoneme
Session 8. American Unvoiced [p] & Voiced [b] Phonemes
Session 9. American Unvoiced [f] & Voiced [v] Phonemes
Session 10. American Unvoiced consonant [k] & Voiced consonant [g] Sounds
Session 11. American Lateral Voiced consonant [l] Sound
Session 12. American Voiced consonants [m], [n], & [ŋ] Sonorants
Session 13. Word Endings; ED -ending [t], [d], or [id]



“…I have been working with Dr. Alex Obskov for six and a half months to improve my pronunciation, and I appreciate him for the fantastic job he has done with my accent. I came to the US several years ago, and it was challenging for me to understand people, to speak my mind, and to feel confident in the way I sound. There are eleven sessions that Alex has designed perfectly to target the most important sounds in the American language. I have had a very thick Russian accent, and the manner of speaking was different. Alex has been so patient with me, helping me out to understand the American consonants and vowels, word stress, and intonation patterns. I would say that I often struggle with the feeling of low confidence in my English speaking, but Alex has helped me change my mind completely. Thanks a lot!



Find Your Voice

American Accent Program
for Speakers of English as a Second Language